“The 2020s: The Most Disruptive Decade in History”

The first book in a series by Futurist David Houle that will examine the ascendant trends and major disruptions of the 2020s. This book provides an overview and a call to awareness…a plan for preparedness. There will be no turning back. Massive disruption will occur.


We must anticipate and make ready.


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2010-2020; The Most Disruptive Decade in History – The QTS Experience

Editorial Reviews

  • “Houle makes a great case that this new decade will have major disruptions that will affect us all.  He lists the Age of Intelligence, the Age of Climate Change and the clear coming reality that both Capitalism and Democracy must be reinvented during the 2020s.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be ready and prepared for what is ahead.”


    Bill Johnston, Former President of the NYSE, and concerned grandfather
  • “Houle is one of my favorite futurists. Take this provocative tour of this decade’s boiling issues and hot solutions”.


    Philip Kotler, S.C.Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
  • “In this first of a projected series of books about the 2020s, David Houle sets the stage for what looks to be a decade of unprecedented change.  A short and fast read this book should be considered as a guidebook for this new decade. Highly recommended!”


    James E. Duffy, Former President of the ABC Television Network, Former spokesperson with Barbara Bush for the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.
  • “David Houle is at the top of his game with this book.  I first heard him deliver a keynote last summer and had my mind opened up in a way that rarely happens at conferences.  In this book he clearly lays out, in 10 short chapters, all the big trends that will shape this new decade.  A guidebook for the future that I highly recommend.


    Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI
  • “Futurist Houle’s thought has been bold, provocative, and accurate.  This little book sets forth a high-level introduction to the creative destruction the 2020s will bring.  The current pandemic has only increased the urgency of this kind of thinking.  A must read!


    Donal O’Shea, President, New College of Florida
  • “Get Ready! We are going to living through a decade of unprecedented change and disruption. If you want a preview of what’s ahead – this is an essential guide- book for the coming decade. It provides wisdom, vision and clarity to give you the conceptual context needed for the tsunami of change directly ahead.


    Yanik Silver, author Evolved Enterprise and founder Maverick1000
  • “I’ve heard David Houle present to really sharp, forward-thinking audiences five  times and every time people had their minds expanded, including me!  He brings clarity to what is ahead and in this time of massive change, this book may well become a guidebook and tour guide for the coming decade. I would consider recommending this first book of his series to my clients. It’s eye-opening to say the least.


    Donna Steinhorn, Executive, ADHD, Life Coach, donnasteinhorngroup.com
  • “I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with David Houle on The Sarasota Institute – A 21st Century Think Tank and have thoroughly enjoyed his eloquent and insightful writings and presentations. David has great6ly impressed me with his clarity of the shape of things to come in so many different areas. This book will help us develop a new mindset to approach the turbulent decade ahead.


    Karen Holbrook, Regional Chancellor, University of South Florida, Sarasota-Bradenton
  • “As we face unprecedented times at the start of this decade and the acceleration of technology continues its blistering pace, I worry for humanity that we are unprepared and lacking true leadership to meet the challenges before us.  Step 1 is to understand and get context to where we truly stand, what we are dealing with and what the trend lines show and what that means for us individually and collectively.  David Houle helps us gain this understanding better than anyone, through thought provoking, insightful and research-backed analysis.  This first installment of “The 2020s” series is mind blowing yet very matter of fact.

    What is most appealing is that David doesn’t focus exclusively on information and problems, but provides digestible explanations as well as hopeful and practical prescriptions for humanity that anyone, including common citizens, organizations and government leaders, can implement.  To confidently ‘Face the Future’ as David articulates, the concepts and recommendations from this book ought to be in every crew member’s arsenal.  I have been fortunate enough to be a direct beneficiary of David’s wisdom, as he has mentored me directly for two decades now.”


    Arman Rousta, Founder of b.labs Ventures and The Polymath Project
  • “I have known David for more than 10 years.  During that entire time, he has been spot-on in his forecasts about the major events and trends that will happen. As the CEO of a leading health care organization, David always delivers information that gives us a competitive advantage.  This book is an introduction for all of us about the next ten years.  We all need to get ready and be prepared.  This book is a must read.


    Jonathan Fleece, President & CEO, Stratum Health Systems and Tidewell Hospice
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