Uday Dandavate Co-Founder and CEO SonicRim Ltd: Global Design Research, San Francisco

by admin on November 19, 2021 in

“It is hard to trace back when the degeneration of humanity in us or destruction of the environment began. What we call agricultural, industrial or information revolutions have along the way fed human arrogance and greed. As we stand at the cusp of post Covid future the book, ‘The 2020’s Golden Age of Design and Redesign’ by David Houle and James Fathers is a timely call for a counter revolution to restore sanity, balance and harmony through design. I see a new space for design emerging as I read this book. A design approach that is driven less by human craving for comfort and prosperity, and more by our natural instinct for ecological balance and curiosity for awakening of the conscience. This book is a manifesto for restoration of Mother Earth and conservation of her resources. It is a path forward for humans to secure our place in the evolutionary process and save us from extinction. It will provide direction to the students of design who are today seeking a career path with a purpose just as Design for the Real World by Victor Papanek gave to us when we were students.”

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