Arman Rousta, Founder of b.labs Ventures and The Polymath Project

by admin on August 6, 2021 in

As we face unprecedented times at the start of this decade and the acceleration of technology continues its blistering pace, I worry for humanity that we are unprepared and lacking true leadership to meet the challenges before us.  Step 1 is to understand and get context to where we truly stand, what we are dealing with and what the trend lines show and what that means for us individually and collectively.  David Houle helps us gain this understanding better than anyone, through thought provoking, insightful and research-backed analysis.  This first installment of “The 2020s” series is mind blowing yet very matter of fact.

What is most appealing is that David doesn’t focus exclusively on information and problems, but provides digestible explanations as well as hopeful and practical prescriptions for humanity that anyone, including common citizens, organizations and government leaders, can implement.  To confidently ‘Face the Future’ as David articulates, the concepts and recommendations from this book ought to be in every crew member’s arsenal.  I have been fortunate enough to be a direct beneficiary of David’s wisdom, as he has mentored me directly for two decades now.

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